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Porphyry Copper & Epithermal Gold Deposits

The course will cover the characteristic features and origins of, and key exploration criteria for, porphyry copper and epithermal gold deposits. It will involve a series of oral presentations and practical exercises. A significant component of the course will involve hand specimens samples, giving participants the opportunities to familiarize themselves with the diagnostic features of these important classes of magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposits. A preliminary program is provided below:


David Cooke (CODES), Bruce Gemmell (CODES) , Anthony Harris (CODES)



15-16th August - 2 day course

Course Cost: full fee $750.00 ; student $250.00

Payment via the registration form


James Cook University, Townsville



Day 1:

  • Porphyry copper deposits - characteristic features, alteration,  mineralisation and genesis (1/2 day)

  • Alkalic porphyry copper-gold deposits of NSW

     (1/2 day)


Day 2:

  •  Low sulfidation epithermal gold deposit (1/2 day)

  •  High sulfidation epithermal gold deposits (1/2 day)


Maximum  30

Minimum   12

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