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Ore Textures and Breccias

Understanding and coping with textural features associated with mineralization is a very important training course, as it covers the vital areas which are only superficially addressed in most undergraduate curricula. It is highly recommended as this underpins almost all aspects of exploration assessments.


Roger Taylor                                                                                   



15th-16th August - 2 day course

Course Cost: full fee $700 ; student $200

Payment via the registration form


James Cook University, Townsville


Day 1. Ore textures 

 Subject areas with major rock collections for examination include:

  • Infill textures
  • Alteration textures and approaches to alteration recognition
  • Channelway recognition - broad-scale igneous background styles through to  fracture, vein, skarn and breccia
  • Overprinting textures - recognition, operational technique
  • Establishing paragenesis - conversion of textural data into timing, systems   development and structural control 


Day 2. Mineralized breccias and breccia systems

  • General observational principles for recognition at different scales
  • Understanding breccia components
  • Analysis of classification schemes
  • Tectonic styles - fracture systems, fault systems at different scales and levels of intensity
  • Collapse styles - with special reference to porphyry-related systems
  • Hydrothermal intrusive styles - including diatreme, porphyry-related, and other forceful gas release variations
  • Breccias as integrated systems and their relationships to mineralization. Exploration and applied analysis factors for ore field reviews

Minimum 5



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