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Nonsulfide Zinc Deposit of Angouran and the Fossil to Active Geothermal Fields of NW Iran

The unusually high grade (up to 40%Zn) Angouran-type deposit is the first defined occurrence of this type that consists of a mixed hydrothermal sulfide-carbonate zinc ore with a supergene Zn-carbonate overprint. The depost is situated within the Cenozoic Urumieh-Dokhtar volcanic belt of northwestern Iran. It hosts large fossil and active geothermal fields with numerous hot springs, traverine deposits and sulfataras, as well as the genetically ralated epithermal, precious and polymetallic ore deposits including Angouran. The 3 day field excursion includes a visit to the Angouran mine and to the supergene Zn occurrence at Chichaklou, as well as to a couple of the numerous active and fossil geothermal features including the pre-historic site of Solomon's prison at a travertine mound.

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Farah Daliran

All enquiries are to be directed to the Field Trip Leader



10th-14th August -  5 days


NW Iran

Cost: $1800.00 AU

Last day for payment 15th June 2009

includes transport, accommodation, meals & field g uide


Via online registration

Max. number of participants:



The field trip starts in Tehran International Airport (Imam Khomeini Airport) and ends in Tehran International Airport. It is to be noted that Angouran is mined on an open pit.


10th August -morning - latest time for arrival at Tehran Airport

10th August - afternoon - 6-7 hour drive to Angouran

11th- 13th August - Field Excursion 3 days

14th August - Return to Tehran Airport

15th August -  Is an allowance for an additional day if someone is interested in staying longer in Iran.

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