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Mineral Systems: Concepts to Practical Outcomes

The course will present an overview of the progress made by the pmd*CRC (Predictive Mineral Discovery Cooperative Research Centre) through 2001-2008 on developing mineral systems concepts of metallic deposits and application in minerals exploration. The workshop will bring together a cross—section of the researchers and practitioners of the pmd*CRC to cover cross-scale integration of data in the 5 question framework (geodynamics, architecture, reservoirs, pathways and drivers, transport and deposition processes) and application at deposit, district and terrain scales. The eastern Yilgarn Au province as well as the Isan terrain will be the used to illustrate the mineral systems approach.


John Walshe (CSIRO), Andy Barnicoat (GA)


21st-22nd August - 2 day course

Course cost: full fee $750.00 ; student $310.00

Payment via the registration form


James Cook University, Townsville


Maximum  32

Minimum   15

Day 1

Introduction  John Walshe
Part 1
Getting the scope and scale right   
9.10 Mineral systems & exploration science - the 3 way split  Andy Barnicoat
9.50 Lithospheric mantle architecture and evolution: the control on
ore systems
Graham Begg
10.30 Morning tea
Part 2
Terrain-scale application of mineral systems & the 5 answers
10.50 Architecture at the biggest scale - crustal scale cracks from worms,
seismic and other large-scale geophysical observations 
Barry Murphy
11.30 Yilgarn architecture: the 5 answers
Richard Blewett
12.30 Lunch  
 Part 3
 Prediction exercise
1.30 -5.00
Find the camps (50*50 km boxes) in the terrain
Find the camps (5*5 km boxes) within the camps
Exercise 1: Eastern Yilgarn Au province
Exercise 2: Isan Terrain
Paul Henson
Richard Blewett
Barry Murphy
Scott Halley
John Walshe
Damien Keys
Part 4
Over the yard-arm conversations
5.00-5.30 Mineral systems learnings: 15 years on
Lesley Wyborn
Greg Hall
Day 2

Part 5
Camp-scale application of mineral systems   
 9.00 Fluid reservoirs - some general concepts
Andy Barnicoat
 9.25  The case for deep - earth fluids
John Walshe
 Part 6  Pathways, drivers and depositional processes
 9.50  Recognising pathways using geophysical data
Richard Chopping
 10.15  Morning Tea
 10.35  Architecture, deformation and mineralization
John Miller
 11.00  Spectra analysis and camp scale architecture/alteration
Scott Halley 
 11.25  Chemical gradients and deposition processes: reading alteration and
isotopes - examples from Yilgarn and Mt Isa
John Walshe
 11.50 Chemical architecture and controls on mineral deposition  James Cleverley
 12.30  Lunch  
 Part 7
Prediction exercise
 1.30 -4.30
Find the 1*1 boxes within the 5*5km boxes
Exercise 1: St Ives Camp, Kambalda
Exercise 2: Isan Terrain
Scott Halley
John Walshe
Paul Henson
James Cleverley
Richard Blewett
Barry Murphy
Damien Keys
 Part 8
Over the yard-arm conversations   
 4.30  Confessions of a numerical modeller
Heather Sheldon 
 5.30  The key messages
 Andy Barnicoat




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