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Iron-Oxide Copper Gold-Deposits; geology & discovery

A practical course on IOCG environments, their alteration footprints, and their exploration in exposed and under-cover terrains. This course will bring together a group of international experts to review current understanding of the geology and exploration characteristics of IOCG deposits, with emphases on metallogenesis and examples in the Precambrian cratons of Australia, Canada, Brazil and Sweden. Commonalities among the studied IOCG systems in terms of alteration zoning, breccias, mineralization and geochemical footprints will be highlighted to frame the extraordinary range of IOCG and affiliated deposits into a conceptual evolutionary magnetite-group to hematite-group IOCG±U deposit model. System development at regional to deposit scale and continuum with other deposit types will be illustrated based on stunning field exposures. The potent mineralizing effects of mixing of fluids from different sources in geodynamic environments that can sustain thermal crustal anomalies will be addressed to explain how series of world-class deposits can cluster within a single district. Finally, now that analytical breakthroughs are solving IOCG's fluid sources and reconciling debates over the 'right' metallogenic model, it is time to ponder on the role of magmatism in the genesis of some components of low-Ti magnetite-apatite deposits and the role of geology in increasing effectiveness of exploration for IOCG deposits from under cover to well exposed settings.


Pat Williams (JCU)

Louise Corriveau (GSC)



Friday 21st August

Saturday 22nd August -Optional 2nd day including rock lab


One Day   - full fee $400.00, Student $150.00

Two Days - Full fee $700.00, Student $250.00

Payment via the registration form


James Cook University, Townsville

Minimum:  15

Maximum: 30


Day One: Geotectonic Setting, Geology and Relationships to Other Deposit-types

Introduction - Patrick Williams (James Cook University and Clump Mountain Geoscience)

"Hematite-group" IOCG±U Ore Systems (Gawler craton) - Roger Skirrow (Geoscience Australia)

The IOCG-Porphyry-Epithermal Continuum (Great Bear magmatic zone) - A. Hamid Mumin (Brandon University, Canada)

Geology and genesis of IOCG deposits in the Archean Carajas Mineral Province- Roberto Xavier (Unicamp, Brazil)

Geotectonic context, geology and inter-relationships of Proterozoic IOCG and iron oxide -apatite deposits in northern Sweden - Per Weihed/Olof Martinsson/Christina Wanhainen (tba, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden)

IOCGs and iron oxide-apatite deposits: the magmatic connection. Examples from Iberia (Paleozoic) and the Andes (Mesozoic-Cenozoic)  - Fernando Tornos (IGME, Spain)


Day Two: IOCG Alteration Systems, IOCG Exploration and Rock Lab

Alteration footprints and zoning models: implications for field and geophysical vectors to mineralization (Great Bear magmatic zone) - Louise Corriveau (Geological Survey of Canada)

Alteration zoning and physical property relationships in the "Magnetite-group" Cloncurry IOCG systems - Patrick Williams

Geophysical and structural aspects of exploration in exposed IOCG environments (Canadian examples) - Hamid Mumin

Interpretation and exploration of under-cover IOCG systems in the Gawler Craton - Roger Skirrow


Rock Lab:

Louise Corriveau and Patrick Williams

Rock samples and posters. A printed quiz will be used to guide participants through the key points 

Australian IOCG Deposits and Associated Alteration Sample suites to include: Olympic Dam, Cloncurry Deposits (Ernest Henry, Osborne, Starra, Mount Elliott, Eloise), Cloncurry Regional Alteration, and Tennant Creek.

Posters and selected rocks from the Great Bear magmatic zone

* The program plan is current as of February 6th 2009. Participants planning to attend the field trip in the Mount Isa - Cloncurry area are advised they should enrol for day 1 only. However, at the time of posting, August flight schedules for Townsville-Mount Isa are not known and this situation may change.


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