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Mapping Mineral Systems with Hyperspectral Sensing.

This one day course is aimed at improving skills in the use of hyperspectral mineral maps using a mineral systems framework and standard GIS tools. Mineral maps are now being delivered through the government geosurveys as part of their precompetitive geoscience suite. The mineral systems approach allows the selection and interpretation of the appropriate mineral abundance and mineral physicochemistries, as well as other pre-competitive data (geophysics, geology, geochemistry), in order to map viable fluid source, pathway/s, depositional sites and outflow zones and is particularly useful for identifying high gradients where metals may have deposited. To facilitate this process, participants are encouraged to bring their laptops armed with a suitable GIS package (e.g. MapInfo or ARCGIS) so that they can load a selection of case history data, including those from the Queensland government’s recent Smart Exploration/Mining Initiatives ( for mineral mapping in the Mount Isa and Georgetown areas.


Tom Cudahy (CSIRO), Mal Jones (GSQ), Matilda Thomas (GA),

Carsten Laukamp (JCU).



Friday 21st August

Course cost: full fee $400.00 ; student $55.00

Payment via the registration form


James Cook University,Townsville

 Maximum 30

 Minimum  10

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