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High Grade BIF Deposits: a Yilgarn-Hamersley comparison

The objective of this field trip/workshop is to compare and contrast Rio Tinto\'d5s Proterozoic BIF-hosted Tom Price and Paraburdoo deposits with the BHPB\'d5s Mt Whaleback deposit and then compare those deposits with the largest Archean BIF deposit at Koolyanobbing (Southern Cross Province) and the to be mined Weld Range deposits in the Murchison Province in Western Australia. This field trip will be conducted on parts as a workshop with evening talks by various presenters and discussions amongst participants.

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Steffen Hagemann

Thomas Angerer

All enquiries are to be directed to the Field Trip Leaders



8th August - 15th August 2009


Iron ore deposits Hamersley & Yilgarn Western Australia

Estimated Cost: $1350.00 AU, Students $650.00 AU


via online registration form

Maximum Number of Participants:

18 total - including 6 Students

Field trip starts at Tom Price and finishes in Perth


Date Proposed Itinerary
08/08 Participants to arrive at Tom Price

Participants to meet in Tom Price

Evening talk: Regional geology & FE deposits hammersley

10/08 Tom-Price - Paraburdoo
11/08 Regional geology & travel to Mt Whaleback
12/08 Mt Whaleback deposit
13/08 Travel from Hamersley to Kooynobbing stopping at Geological sites
14/08 Koolynobbing
15/08 Travel to Perth



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