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Architectural Controls on a 2.6 to 2.7 Ga World Class Gold-Nickel camp, Kambalda, W.A.

This field trip will look at the architectural controls on the world class gold and nickel deposits at Kambalda that have produced over 9 million ounces of gold and 65 million tonnes of nickel to date. The trip will focus on the early architecture controlling these deposits, and the mineral systems approach to exploration that has had recent success at Kambalda. There will be a series of visits to gold and nickel deposits combined with assessment of drill core and field trips to type geological sections. These field visits will be supplemented with short seminars on key aspects of the geology. New hyperspectral techniques currently being developed will also be covered.

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Dr John Miller

Dr Steve Beresford

All enquiries are to directed to the Field Trip Leaders.



11th August - 15th August, 2009. 


Kambalda, Western Australia  

Estimated Cost: $1100.00 AU

includes 4 nights accommodation,breakfast, lunch, dinner & Field Guides


Via the online registration form

Final date for receipt of payment 22 June 2009

Max. No. particpants:

to be announced 

Field trip starts in Kalgoorlie and ends in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia


1st day will allow field trip participants to arrive on the 7am flight to Kalgoorlie from Perth (participants may also arrive previous night but will have to contact trip organizers to arrange additional night accommodation).


Day 1 – Visit to the Kalgoorlie Super Pit on the Golden Mile followed by trip to Geological Society of W.A. drill core library to view type sections of the Fimiston, Oroya and Mt Charlotte styles of mineralization. Hyperspectral approaches and their use in characterization of alteration will be covered.  Seminar on Regional Geological Framework of the Yilgarn with a focus on the Eastern Gold Fields. 

Day 2 – Field trip to classic “Mt Hunt Traverse” to see key stratigraphic units along strike from the super pit, including insitu spinifex textures in komatiite and folded pillow lavas within the upper basalt.  Field trip will then go to Kambalda to for a preliminary over view of the gold and nickel field camp, with a visit to Kambalda drill core facility.  This will cover key rock types (in particular the main host dolerite sequences) and also the gold deposit styles.   Seminar on architectural controls on gold at St Ives, and exploration using a mineral systems approach. 

Day 3 – Visit to the open cut and underground gold operations at St Ives (Goldfields Pty Ltd).  This will cover some key deposit styles and a visit to an early relay fault zone that controls komatiite thickness and acted as a transfer fault during much younger gold mineralization.  Seminar on Kambalda Ni systems  

Day 4.  Field trip to Kambalda.  This will cover an underground tour of a Ni deposit, a visit to the discovery gossan, a traverse through the key stratigraphy of the Kambalda dome, and assessment of drill core through a Nickel deposit.  Possible pm flight out of Kalgoorlie – final evening accommodation and dinner are included in field trip. 

Day 5.  Am flight from Kalgoorlie to Perth.





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