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Thematic Sessions

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(A)  Ore-Forming Processes


1. Mineral systems and large-scale exploration targeting 

   Paul Roberts (CSIRO), Cam McCuaig (CET), James Cleverley (CSIRO)

2. Magmatic ores and their petrogenetic/tectonic setting

    Steve Beresford (CET), John Mavrogenes (ANU), Marco Fiorentini (CET)

3. Hydrothermal processes  in ore-forming systems

    Tony Christie (IGNS), Poul Embso (USGS)

4. Dating ore deposits: geological and geochronological problems 

     Massimo Chiradia (Uni. Geneve), Ken Hickey (MDRU)

5. Metal remobilization in the formation of hypogene  and supergene ore deposits

     Gregor Borg (Uni. Halle), Paulo Vasconcelos (UQ)


(B) Specific Mineral Systems


1. Golden controversies: classification of epigenetic gold deposits

     Craig Hart (MDRU), John Miller (CET)

2. Sediment- and volcanic-hosted copper, zinc and lead deposits

     Rod Allen (LUT, Boliden Min.), Jan Peter (GSC),Stuart Bull (CODES)

3. Understanding the porphyry-epithermal transition

    Robert Moritz (Uni. Geneve), Eduardo Campos (UCN Chile)

4.The origin of enriched iron and manganese ore deposits

     Steffen Hageman (CET), Carlos Rosiere (UFMG), Thomas Angerer (CET)

5.The nature and origin of uranium deposits

     Frank Bierlein (AFMECO), Christian Marignac (Uni. Nancy)

6. Genesis of iron oxide-copper-gold deposits

     Mike Porter (Portergeo), Fernanado Tornos (IGME), Louise Corriveau (GSC)

7. Diamonds: Where are they and why?

     Simon Richards (JCU), Bernd Lehmann (Tech. Uni. Clausthal)


(C) New and Frontier Areas

1. Applied mineralogy (metallurgy, exploration, environmental management  and remediation)

     Steve Walters (CODES), Julie Hunt (CODES), Joel Brugger (SA Museum)

2. Non traditional geochemical and microchemical methods: applications in ore genesis and exploration

      Sarah Gleeson (Uni Alberta), Bin Fu (Uni. Melb.)

3. Mining and the environment: issues and solutions

      Bernd Lottermoser (JCU), Dave Craw (Uni. Otago)

4. Finding  resources under cover: new geophysical and imaging techniques for exploration

     David Giles (Uni Adelaide), Mark Gettings (USGS)

5. Structural controls on mineralization, conceptual targeting and prospectivity/endowment analysis

     Tom Blenkinsop (JCU), Oliver Kreuzer (Regalpoint Exploration), Alok Porwal (CET)

6. Numerical simulations of hydrothermal systems

     John McLellan (JCU),, Philipp Weis (ETH Zurich)

7. Three dimensional modelling: development and application of 3D geomodelling in mining and mineral exploration

      Leonardo Feltrin (JCU), Laurent Allieres (Monash Uni)

8. Tectonic analysis and history of terrains as indicators of metallogenic fertility

      Par Wiehed (LUT), Richard Blewett (GA)


 (D) General Session


     New developments in mineral deposits geology

       Pat Williams (JCU)


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