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SGA2009 - The 10th Biennial Meeting of The SGA



  SGA Session Program (August)


The Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA) and the Economic Geology Research Unit (EGRU) at James Cook University, in association with the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG), are delighted to invite all their members and others interested in economic geology to participate in the 2009 conference to be held in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia,  August 17 - 20 2009.

Background, Theme and Philosophy of the 2009 Conference


Australia is a major player in international mining with significant production of most of The Strand Townsvillethe widely-traded mineral commodities and world leadership in several of these. Business has been booming in recent years supported by increased commodity prices. Unusually amongst developed countries, the Australian scientific community has benefited from targeted government funding for minerals-related research over the last two decades which has supported the development of several large and vibrant groups of economic geology researchers in universities and government organisations. One reflection of this was the large number of researchers based in Australia who, despite the large travelling distance, attended the 9th Biennial Meeting in Dublin. This combination of economic strength and academic depth provide an excellent foundation for a successful 2009 meeting. Although it will be convened by James Cook University in Townsville, the 2009 meeting will be a collaborative effort involving economic geologists from many organisations around Australia and New Zealand.



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